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shaping the research environment within Earth sciences to professionalise science management.


1-Day Workshop “Introduction to the Project Management of Scientific Collaborations”.

How do science projects work? (Project funds, allocated funds, national vs. EU funds, funding guidelines in Germany and the EU)

How to structure a project? (typical structure of large interinstitutional scientific projects, actors and their roles, dependencies, top-down vs. bottom-up, how important is IT?)

How do projects work? (reporting duties and other obligations, project carrier - your friend and first aid?, information exchange, creating project synthesis)

What are differences between a single project and a collaboration? (steering and leadership, directives, fixed-term contracts)

1-Day Workshop “One year into the project - Meetings, Kick-Offs and Status Seminars”

What do I need for a successful meeting?

Differences between the different types (all hands module meetings, steering committee meetings, conferences, telephone/video conferences, workshops, work meetings, and more)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these formats? Which format is the right one at the right time? What are possible obstacles and how can I identify them?

1-Day Workshop “Communication is the key skill to a successful project”

Basics of team communication, communication styles

Communication in meetings: how to set up a good agenda? How to integrate all participants in the discussion? Timekeeping and proper documentation of the results.

Crisis communication: how to avoid escalations? How to handle and communicate difficult situations.

Communication and information flow within the project (newsletters, web pages, bulletins, etc.)

1-Day Workshop “Promoting and showing your project”

Basics of public outreach

How to communicate difficult scientific topics to the public? When and where to communicate them: Online magazines, social media, etc?

Finding and addressing your target group.

Individual Case Consulting

You have problems within your project that you cannot solve? You are facing challenges that would endanger the success of your project and require some advice?

Our team of experts can help you to understand the core issue and support you to find viable solutions for your project.

Support in Funding Applications

You want to apply for research funds and/or start off an entirely new research project?

Our experts on funding applications can help you to review and boost your project’s application for national or EU funds.

Project Planning Support

You want to initiate a new research project, but have never done that before? 

Our team of experts can support you individually to generate work breakdown structures, schedules with milestone, stakeholder and risk analyses, and help you to find the right communication and information flow structure for your project.

Project Consulting

Your project is already running, yet you are having difficulties to give visibility to your project? The first big all-hands meeting is knocking at your door and you would need some advice how to plan a successful status meeting?

Your project is getting towards the end and reporting time is approaching?

For these and other project-related questions, our experts can help you to find the right solution for your project and advice you in generation a good end-of-project report.