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shaping the research environment within Earth sciences to professionalise science management.


Dr. Wiebke Schubotz

Current position: Scientific project manager for HD(CP)² (BMBF funded cooperative project)
Previous experience:
Elementary particle physics, medical physics
Expertise: Job hunting for academics, internal/external communication, scientific project management
CESSMA board member



Dr. Florian Rauser

Current Position: Division manager "Kommunaler Klimaschutz" at FZ Jülich
Previous experience: Managing director at atmosfair gGmbH, scientific project manager
Expertise: Early career development, interdisciplinary science management, science dialogue, moderation
Founding member of CESSMA



Dr. Inken KRUSE

Current Position: Project officer at Kiel Marine Science (www.kms.uni-kiel.de)
Previous experience: Researcher at GEOMAR, Kiel
Expertise: Interdisciplinary research projects
Founding member of CESSMA

Dr. Sebastian Hettrich

Current position: Project manager for MiKlip (BMBF funded cooperative project)
Previous experience: Management of small and large volunteer projects
Expertise: Interdisciplinary research projects
CESSMA board member




Dr. Katharina Scherber

Current Position: Scientific project manager for [UC]² (BMBF research programme)
Previous experience: Geography, human bioclimatology
Expertise: Interdisciplinary research projects, scientific project coordination, internal/external communication, moderation
Founding member of CESSMA

Dr. Christiane Schelten

Current Position: Scientific Management (SFB 754, DFG research programme)
Previous experience: Conservation Project & Programme Management, Research & Teaching (Marine Resource Management)
Expertise: Coordination of large-scale research projects, Interdisciplinary science management, Early career development, Science event management
Founding member of CESSMA

Dr. Tim Brücher

Current Position: Project manager at Vattenfall GmbH
Previous experience: PalMod (BMBF funded cooperative project, palmod.de), Past4Future (EU project)
Expertise: Interdisciplinary research projects
Founding member of CESSMA




Nadine SChneider-DÜrr

Current position: Teacher
Previous experience: Scientific coordination of the Cluster of Excellence CLiSAP www.clisap.de
Expertise: Interdisciplinary research projects
Founding member of CESSMA